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In the spirit of #BurnBright, we see many people and stories all around us that inspire us to be everything we want to be. With the help of famed director, Spike Lee, we created this video to start a conversation about what it means to burn bright.

The NY Liberty has ignited a movement that inspires the next generation of women & girls to stand tall & #BurnBright in everything they do. Read our stories.

One of our stories, by Swin Cash.

20 years ago I stepped onto a court in McKeesport, Pennsylvania as the only girl on an organized basketball team. It was one of the first times I realized what a challenge being a girl in athletics could be.

The reaction to my playing was mixed – some gave me that look like I didn’t belong on the court, others flat out made comments that “girls aren’t strong enough to play” with the boys. After a few games, they realized what I already knew – skill was all that mattered – your gender was irrelevant. Our team went on to win the championship that season.

Fast forward to 20 years later and I’m amazed and inspired by the progress and momentum that’s being achieved related to women’s empowerment. From Serena Williams to Mo’ne Davis, The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to the Army Rangers, we’re witnessing a break away moment in time. Women around the world continue to break down barriers and inspire the next generation of women and girls to chase their dreams. They’re reminders of our idols, mentors and role models. The New York Liberty and I are proud to join this movement.

One thing has always been clear about the Liberty – we have always stood for more than basketball.

As New York’s only professional women’s sports team, we are inspired and want to amplify the inspiration, conversation and actions around women’s empowerment. That’s why we’re proud to launch #BurnBright. #BurnBright is our trademark for empowerment. It’s a commitment to support the passion in the souls of women chasing their dreams, and a continued pursuit to afford everyone with the opportunity to do what they love. #BurnBright is a rallying cry and constant reminder to be our best and rise to the heights of greatness.

I’m honored to be a part of something this important. We’ll always remember our role models who helped shape our path and motivated us to chase our dreams. Now it’s our turn to be that role model. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and know that I’m surrounded by women around the world committed to being history makers and barrier breakers.

As we embark on this campaign, we want you to share your story and join the conversation on Twitter at #BurnBright. Join us in the Garden as we continue breaking records, chase a title run and celebrate inspirational women.

Together we can continue the amazing momentum that’s happening around the world, and inspire the next generation of women and girls to #BurnBright in everything they do.

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Getting disqualified from a no-girls-allowed youth basketball tournament didn‘t stop Kymora Johnson and the Charlottesville Cavaliers! The NY Liberty teamed up with Chase, Delta and Starwood to bring the entire team to NYC to share the court with us at Madison Square Garden to #BurnBright.